We have four rooms of approx 10-12 m2, which are best suited for large dogs or several dogs in the same room and two rooms of approx 8 m2 for smaller dogs.

All rooms have their own yard, which the dogs can access through a flip door. The yards are approx 20 m2 to 30 m2 in size.

The building has been purpose-built as a kennel. In addition to the dogs quarters there is a washing area, kitchen/office and a small storage room.

The kennel has been inspected by a veterinary.

There is a separate enclosure of approx. 200 m2 where the dogs can be excercised unleashed. The property has a total area of more than 26 acres, where obedient dogs can be excercised unleashed (when Finnish hunting law permits)


Juoksutarha The dogs can usually use their own yard at will. In addition they are walked three times a day.

Dogs are fed once or twice daily with according to the owners wishes. We use Bento Kronen and 1st choice brands, but the owner can bring own food for the dog.

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