I'm self-employed and keep a small boarding kennel. I breed beaucerons in a small scale with kennel name "Pikkujalon".

We got our first beauceron in 1995, and ever since we've had beaucerons, usually from three to five at a time. Our dogs are family dogs, and the litters are also brought up inside with the family. The first litter was born 2006.

We train our dogs for national utility sports, mainly tracking and search. We also train herding with some of our dogs. Our aim is not at the top level, but the minimum for each of our dogs is to pass the behavioral test, which is a prerequisite for participating in the tests. We also go to some shows both in Finland an in other countries (mainly Estonia, Latvia and France but also Netherlands, Germany and Sweden). We usually go to Nationale d'Elevage in France each year, either with a dog or just to watch.

In my breeding I try to emphasize quality over quantity. The goal is to breed dogs their owners can train with both character- and healthwise and that the appearance is according to standard.


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